Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Printing. . . .

 A love of Relief printing.
When i am working and sketching designs, i am very passionate about what is on my designs and usually use Relief printing in my work.  The whole process of  creating shapes from my inspiration boards, tracing my design onto lino, working into it so then i can print on Fabric. Help me try and make my work - like many others distinctive. Luckily enough in my last year of secondary school, my work was shown at an  art/school exhibition.

Dollar Academy exhibition (My dress and some sketches are the black and yellow dress with lino print on it.)

So this Year for our college fashion show, why not do more printing with a 1920's theme??

Ha! This time i really learned about construction of making garments and that printing is made for FLAT SURFACES not already sew darts on the front bodice/ almost 3D surfaces. It was turning out to Mission impossible.  But lessons are always learned through the hard way.

Bud X

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