Monday, 30 April 2012

Weekend antics. . .

Saturday . . . .                                                                                                                         
Vintage Fair

Vintage Fashion had finally came to our town  and what better way to have a vintage fair on organised by candy belle vintiques for fashion, vintage lovers, like myself to go and visit . The place was filled with Vintage sellers with clothes, accessories, homewares, crafts, gifts, cupcakes and afternoon tea. It was really good seeing the fair and getting inspiration from people's boutiques and stalls.

Later that night                                                                                                                          

Happy 3rd Birthday Fundraiser. One of my best friends mum organises a fundraiser once every year to raise money for breast cancer after being diagnosed herself three years ago . It's Really inpsirational the work she does and how much money she raises for the chairty. Every year her fundraiser goes down a hit and really makes you appreicate and value your life and live every precious moment the best you can. (Cheesy or what haha)

Sunday . . . .

What better way than to end the weekend with going to a gig.... Almost honest were playing at tunnels with supports from More TBA, Hayworth and Brace. Major Props To Brace, who were insane, mental and killed it! But Also to Almost Honest Who were really good. Definitely made the night more rememberable with the cover of 'Bite my Tongue' with AH and Brace. - Looking forward to seeing those bands again.

Bud X

Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Summer Set

" Young and Reckless,Dumb and fearless,Fighting in the
streets. Will you remember me?
Young forever back then."
                                           - When we were young.

Last week, my friend and I went to see We are the In Crowd with supports from  and The Summer Set. Havent heard about   before but they were decent. I've seen WATIC 3times before supporting other bands at different venues, but it was definitely good seeing them at their own headlining gig.

 Definitely The Summer Set were the highlight of the night though and killed it! So much enegry and really got the crowd going, making me love their music even more after getting to see them play live.

And As per obssessed with Band Hoodies and t-shirts so who wouldn't say no to adding this to my collection.

- love simple white and black tees with print on them

Bud X

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Begining of Something . . .

Beautiful, Different, Exicting ??

 No it's just  Bud's Adventures and S.I.A.S Clothing <3

Passionate about Fashion, Print, traveling, music and a go gigger. Let's go!

I've never been the best of writers but i'm going to do this and try and get better. I wish to become a success and do something I'm proud of. In doing this blog and through my designs I hope to take you on a journey. I aim to keep a regular update of fashion and music journal, with lots of pics and an insight of the up and coming S.I.A.S Clothing.

So let's see how this goes.... and welcome to Bud's adventures.

Bud X