Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Summer Set

" Young and Reckless,Dumb and fearless,Fighting in the
streets. Will you remember me?
Young forever back then."
                                           - When we were young.

Last week, my friend and I went to see We are the In Crowd with supports from  and The Summer Set. Havent heard about   before but they were decent. I've seen WATIC 3times before supporting other bands at different venues, but it was definitely good seeing them at their own headlining gig.

 Definitely The Summer Set were the highlight of the night though and killed it! So much enegry and really got the crowd going, making me love their music even more after getting to see them play live.

And As per obssessed with Band Hoodies and t-shirts so who wouldn't say no to adding this to my collection.

- love simple white and black tees with print on them

Bud X

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