Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Begining of Something . . .

Beautiful, Different, Exicting ??

 No it's just  Bud's Adventures and S.I.A.S Clothing <3

Passionate about Fashion, Print, traveling, music and a go gigger. Let's go!

I've never been the best of writers but i'm going to do this and try and get better. I wish to become a success and do something I'm proud of. In doing this blog and through my designs I hope to take you on a journey. I aim to keep a regular update of fashion and music journal, with lots of pics and an insight of the up and coming S.I.A.S Clothing.

So let's see how this goes.... and welcome to Bud's adventures.

Bud X


  1. Welcome to blogging, Bud! Wooot! I wish you the best of luck.